August 30, 2023

2023-09-06 | 15:55:49

"Amazing service! Was able to get my bridesmaid dress in on a Friday and was done by Tuesday! With little notice and a right timeline (needed to go on a plane Wednesday for the wedding out of state), they did an amazing job! Also, my boyfriend was able to get in and get the length of his groomsmen suit pants shortened as well! I will definitely be returning again!"
August 27, 2023

2023-09-06 | 15:55:46

"Would definitely recommend! Hassan had a bridesmaid dress altered for me in a week at a great price. He was super helpful in directing me towards what alterations needed to be made and I walked out with a dress that fits great!"
August 26, 2023

2023-09-06 | 15:55:44

"Hassan did a beautiful job and clearly takes pride in his work! It was a fantastic experience all around."
August 24, 2023

2023-09-06 | 15:55:42

"Fast, polite, and professional! They did a fantastic job with a bridesmaids dress going above and beyond to make the dress fit 10 times better and to make it look better too!"
August 19, 2023

2023-09-06 | 15:55:42

"Absolutely Amazing Service!!! I need a sane-day alteration for a wedding. The customer service was extraordinary and accommodating. This place deserves more than 5 STARS!!!!"