February 9, 2020

2024-04-09 | 15:50:17

"Excellent service. Everything was ready when promised."
January 22, 2020

2024-04-09 | 15:50:18

"She is great! Always on time and great attention to detail. We bring in small and large projects. She is excellent with alterations. She is the only seamstress I will go to in town. I cannot recommend Express Alterations enough!"
December 31, 2019

2024-04-09 | 15:50:20

"Quick, great job. And great prices. Will visit again."
November 25, 2019

2024-04-09 | 15:50:20

"Always, Always, Always any job well done. I had a tunic blouse that was sewn/thrown together in a very sloppy way by another so called seamstress. It was terrible. THEN I BROUGHT IT TO EXPRESS ALTERATIONS IN ROYAL OAK hoping for a miracle, and a miracle is what I got. They did a wonderful job of putting everything right with that blouse. All the seams were re-sewn and finished in a very professional manner. THEY ARE WONDERFUL."
November 2, 2019

2024-04-09 | 15:50:21

"I highly recommend this place. Great service, great work, great staff, and very fast"